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The spinal cord contains all the nerves that carry messages between our brains and bodies. A Spinal Cord Injury could cause paralysis and many other serious and lingering ailments.

Unfortunately, many Neck and Spinal Cord Injuries may not be visible right away. And if they are not treated timely and properly by competent healthcare professionals, they could, literally, become a lifelong pain in the neck!

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There are many causes for Neck, Back and Spinal injuries, here are some of them:

Traumatic blows to neck, head, chest or back, which commonly occur in vehicle accidents; extreme twisting of the middle section of the body; fall from heights; landing on the head during diving or during sports, and so on. Spinal Injuries can also be caused during surgical procedures due to errors of Surgeons and/or other Medical Professionals.

The National Spinal Cord Injury Center gathers some statistical data on Spinal Injury Causes: here is the percentage for some of the causes of Spinal Injuries:

  • Vehicular Accidents (responsible for 42.1% of spinal cord injuries)
  • Falls (26.7%)
  • Violent acts, such as weapons wounds (15.1%)
  • Sports Activities (7.6%)

Most Spinal Cord injury lawsuits are based on a Tort Doctrine, called: “Negligence.” In such cases, your Chosen Lawyer will have to prove that the "defendant" (the party you are suing) is legally "at fault." This is a highly technical and complex process, which may require expert testimony, artist rendition of how the event took place, and so on. Moreover, dealing with bad faith arguments from the Big Insurance Corporations and their armies of well-paid lawyers, who would vigorously try to defend, delay or deny paying your damages, is an uphill battle for the unrepresented or underrepresented.


The general purpose of a Neck, Back or Spinal Injury Lawsuit is similar to all other types of injuries. That is to obtain monetary awards, which compensate an injured person for the past, present and future losses caused by the injury. Such payments are designed to, theoretically, restore the injured person to his or her pre-accident condition.

In spinal cord injury cases, compensation, typically, goes above and beyond reimbursement for incurred medical expenses, "pain and suffering." Since a spinal cord injury can have permanent and life-altering effects, the award of damages can include the costs for ongoing treatments and rehabilitations; devices such as motorized wheelchairs; modifications to victim's home such as access ramps and stair lifts; payment for assistance with daily chores, and so on.

Spinal cord injury lawsuits often involve highly complex legal and medical matters than other typical injury cases. To make the best out of a worst situation, you need a highly experienced, diligent and compassionate Trial Lawyer, who would help you all the way, from the start

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