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Every year, thousands of people, mostly children, sustain some kind of injuries in amusement parks. From year 1990 to 2000, about 82,000 children, injured in amusement parks, visited the emergency rooms of hospitals. An additional, 11,000 suffered injuries on rides outside amusement parks, such as those found at local malls, restaurants, or arcades.

Of those reported incidents, 34% occurred at locations where the rides were considered permanent; 29% happened on temporary structures; and 25% of the injuries were not categorized.

The most frequent injuries were to the head, neck, arms, face, and legs. Most injuries reported appeared to be due to improper restraints or padding, or were caused by the child falling in or off the ride.

Those injured on or by Amusement Rides may be entitled to recovery for their injuries, under Tort Laws. The two most common tort theories raised by the injured parties are Negligence and Product Liability.

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Under Tort theory of “Negligence” the plaintiff must prove the following elements in order to win his or her case:

A) The Defendant had a legal duty to provide reasonable care.

B) The Defendant breached that duty by failing to conform to the relevant standard of care.

C) Actual Cause: But for the Defendant’s breach the plaintiff would not have been injured.

D) Proximate Cause (Legal Cause): It was reasonably foreseeable that the breach would cause the injury. In other words, it is legally just to hold the defendant liable for the plaintiff’s injury. It was not an unprecedented fluke!

E) Damages: Under Negligence Tort there must be damages to recover. Such damages could be medical care, financial, emotional, pain and suffering, and so on. In other words, no damages, no recovery.

Under Tort law the employers are vicariously responsible for the acts or omissions of their employees. Thus, if an employee of the amusement park is negligent, the injured party may sue the park for that employee's actions. So if an employee fails to post a clear warning sign about certain dangers or improperly operates a ride, the employer will be found liable


Some amusement park accidents are caused by defective equipment or components such as a seat, harness, bolt, cable and so on. Such defects could be defectively designed, defectively manufactured.

For example, the faulty design of a lap bar may cause the bar to unlatch mid-ride, so that the rider falls to the ground.

Structural or design defects in the ride itself may give rise to defective product liability claims against the manufacturer of the ride or the maker of the defective part. In these claims, plaintiffs must prove that the structure, equipment, or part was defective and that the defect specifically caused injury or death to the victim.

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