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Should Jury Nullification be abolished?

Jury nullification is a rare exercise and it occurs, when a Jury uses its power to disagree with the applicable law; or decides what the law should or should not be.

Based on the United States judicial system, in a jury trial, the jurors serve as “Fact Finders.” Therefore, they are mandated to evaluate the honesty of the witnesses and the strength of the evidence admitted at trial, within the boundaries of the applicable laws. Thus the jury is not supposed to decide what the law is or what it ought to be.

By the way, if you have not heard of Jury Nullification, you are not alone. The main reason for people’s lack of knowledge for this important power is that defense lawyers are forbidden from raising Jury Nullification option, at trials.  And Judges are not obligated to inform Jurors about it. Evidently, the justice system prefers that Jurors follow the legal procedures and protocols rather than decide a case based on their own moral values.

Nevertheless, Jury Nullification can be a great tool for an informed Jury to defy unjust laws. In other words, Jury Nullification was designed to give the Citizens a wider overall power over the Justice System and Lawmakers.

Historically, however, Jury Nullification has been used as a biased tool, mainly in racial disparagements and hate-crimes. Nonetheless, many lawyers and law scholars believe that jury nullification is a valuable device, providing that the Jurors are well informed. 

Please go ahead and express your opinion. True Democracy can only be sustained by informed Participation! 

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