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Police brutality is the violent form of law enforcement misconduct. Unfortunately, brutality is wide spread throughout the world, as well as, in the United States.

The American Press brought to light police violent acts upon the people as early as 1872. This culture of violent conducts, perpetuated by a few unethical officers, has created a widespread fear amongst the people. As a result of which millions of people see the law enforcement officers not as people who are commissioned to serve and protect them, but as their oppressors.

This trail of mistrust, which dates back to the dark and savage colonial past, runs deep: especially, amongst the voiceless and the powerless groups, such as minorities, disabled, the young, and the poor.

Every year, thousands of people sustain grave physical injuries, life-long emotional scars or painful deaths due to police brutality. According to data released by the Bureau of Justice, between 2003 and 2009, 4,813 people died in the process of being arrested.

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It is not a coincidence that our present troubles parallel with and are proportionate to our individual indifference, and ignorance of our history. Unfortunately, those who do not know the misery of their past history are condemned to repeat it again and again.

In the Colonial Era, the Police had broad powers to subdue, subjugate and suppress the masses of the people, in order to protect the vast interests of the ruling few. Fear, hatred, divide and rule policies and other vicious tactics were brazenly utilized to perpetuate the status quo of Colonial Dictatorship.

This Oppression and Taxation without Representation were the very causes of the American Revolution. The objective of the revolution was to build a civilized society, where the governments do not rule over the people; instead they govern them.


It is our civic duty to resolutely stand for the fact that the only progressive interest group in this country worth lobbying for is: “The People”: One people, with no sectional boundaries of race, gender, religion or national origin. An Interest Group with no barriers born of bigotry or discrimination: An interest that crosses political party lines and defies the myopic limitations of creed.

This Interest Group comprises of women and men who produce our food, serve and protect our communities, endure dangerous and debilitating conditions of our mines and factories, construct our homes, educate our children, tend to our physical and emotional wounds; haul away our waste and make sure America’s industriousness and ingenuity leaps forward to our children’s children.